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20 April 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Hi everyone!

Welcome tokfandom, a graphics (mostly icons) community ofburntmuffins89 /bolero76  andetudeonline , for all things Korean! I am biased towards making icons of singing groups though, like DBSK, Suju and more. However, as the name says, it is for all things Korean :D  On special occasions, I might open requests for you guys. I'm very, very new to this and I just learnt colouring in the previous week but I hope you will like them as I am pretty happy with them because of the fact that I'm a noob and all haha. I am known asburntmuffins89  andbolero76

Anyway, I do apologize for any mistakes! So please do join and support this community to make it a success so I can improve and make more for you guys. Don't forget to credit or comment, it'll be a great help to us!

Thank you all  :D

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